As human being, we have to learn other forms of lessons to serve the nation. In our regular activities at school, we use to learn everything to develop a cheerful life. From the very beginning, the Gouripur campus leads as good institution for not only academic activities but also cultural and other social activities, too. In this manner, the authority has developed six clubs for different activities in addition to academic lessons.

We guide students as well as guardians to harvest better success in learners’ academic and personal lives. The tireless works, selflessness, and sincerity of teachers have given us success and dignity in the educational arena. With a mission- make a wonderful nation by developing good citizens through our institution we work on good progress.

By developing good education environment we prove that the Ananda Multimedia School is one of the best institutions to create real citizenry to the country. We have all the components to make a vision come true.

Dr. Santosh Mazumdar

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