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History of Ananda Multimedia School & College

The founder of Ananda Multimedia School & College is Mr. Mustafa Jabbar sir the inventor of Bijoy-Bangla Software.  His thinking is to convert the traditional education system into a unique vision of learning through software and the only computer will be a tool for learning.

Gouripur Ananda Multimedia School & College was established in 2003 by Mr. Mohammad Golam Mostafa Bhuiyan, Mr. Md. Alauddin and Md. Nazrul Islam Sarker with the consent of founder Mr. Mustafa Jabbar. It started its journey with 17 students only. The authority developed this school step by step. Currently, 800 students are enrolled in this institution.


Founder’s Message

As my background literature, I should be over there but my fascination was on information technology while doing work as a journalist. I had the enthusiasm to create something very accessible to all. In this sense, I had been involved to develop software naming ‘Bijoy Bangla’ for all to use Bengali in their daily activities. Later, I decided to establish a school for kids who are able to use their leaning matter through a laptop with a mission learning through software. In 1999, I established a school named Ananda Multimedia School to come true to my dream. We have passed more than 12 years with my mission at Gouripur and bagged success, prospects, and dignity.

In this long journey the well-wishers, academic staff, and guardians were the power to overcome all ordeal situations and come up with a good institution for the young learners in this locality.

Mustafa Jabbar

Honorable Minister 

Posts, Telecommunications, and Information Technology

Chairman’s message

I congratulate Mr. Mustafa Jabbar for taking a step in the field of education through the creation of Ananda Multimedia School & College. I am sure that the teacher of the school will work tirelessly and full of humility and selflessly in nurturing leaders for the 21st century. Ananda Multimedia School will be able to provide international flavor with an emphasis on high-quality education. The emphasis must also remain on values, time tested character traits like honesty, sincerity, compassion, and sustainability of the environment.

I am certain that this learning institution will help students to grow mentally viable and physically sound, prepare to lead their country with distinction.

I wish all the best of luck.

Mohammad Alauddin