Board of Directors



Mr. Mohammad Alauddin has been chairman in this school from the very beginning. He is a member of teacher staff of Borkota School and College. Moreover, he has been engage with a non-profit organization ‘Balaka’ as a Managing Director. He works for ‘poverty alleviation’ under the banner of his not for profit organization. He is a Masters of Science in Zoology from National University. In his personal life he is a father of two children.

Golam Mustafa

Executive Member

Mr. Mohammad Golam Mostafa Bhuiyan was founder principal of this School and he formulated various education structures and executed for the betterment of the school. He is a Bachelor of Arts from National University. He received special training on child education form American International School in Bangladesh. He served as a principal in this school for about 6 years. He is a father of a daughter and now lives in Australia.


Executive Member

Mr. Mohammad Nazrul Islam Sarker is primarily involved in a non-for-profit organization named ‘BALAKA’ and working for poverty alleviation program. He held a position in this organization ‘Co-coordinator’. Besides, he is involved in different social and religious activities. He is a Masters of Arts from Bangladesh Islamic University. In his personal life he is a father of two daughters.