Computer Lab:

Computer Lab

Ananda Multimedia School Computer Based School. Since establishing a lab in the beginning of the establishment, the education program has been going on. The air-conditioned lobby is equipped with primary education materials and display boards for computer hardware. Each computer table has all the modern devices, so that each student can complete every day practice. Labs are usually arranged in such a way that the theoretical application of theoretical knowledge occurs. Every student of Ananda Multimedia School, she can achieve world-class information technology skills using any computer, regardless of age.

 Science Lab:

science lab

Science is not emotional evidence. National curriculum and textbooks have been formulated by the government considering the three subjects in science, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology for the practical evidence of theoretical knowledge in science. Under the Department of Science, there are different science-based science-scientists for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. In addition to Apron, there has been adequate security in these sciences.



The library is the life of any educational institution. Through this, teachers and students can increase or enhance their knowledge. Apart from the books made by the National Curriculum and Textbook Board for each subject based on class, there are different subjects for domestic and international journals. To develop children’s knowledge, books, stories, and travel books are kept outside the textbook. The students are delighted to read some books on holiday, they get pleasure.

                                                                                                                                                          Language club:

The main way to express human minds is to speak the language. To achieve the ability to speak fluently in Bangla-English languages, Ananda Multimedia School has been creating an atmosphere of fluency in

Bangla-English language through the beginning of the Language Club. Which has been able to attract people’s attention.



*  Debating Club:


Debate helps people to be justified, helps them to be wise-minded. This world is the field of rational people. These rational people are creating the earth for the welfare of people of all classes and for humanity. Ananda Multimedia School organizes English debates, heading the national issue every year. Each year an intermediate dispute is organized. Like the English campus, there is a plan to conduct a Bangla debate competition every year on the Bangla campus.



Science Club


Today’s science trips. In the 21st Century, people have accomplished many impossible in the welfare of science. In the age of science, the role of science clubs is immense. The hope of bringing science into the student is expected. Ananda Multimedia School Science Club will be introducing the free path of science education. The veneration of the venerable new creature will be welcomed – the expectation of us.







Community Services Club:




Man is a social being. People live in society for their own needs. The aim of the Community Services Club is to stand beside any disaster and distressed people. Ananda Multimedia School is distributing winter clothes in winter every year and helping distressed people. Students work as volunteers for community services clubs.



Music Club:

The weekly practice system has been developed by a skilled teacher to develop creative talent in music by spreading obsession and music appeal among the students. The students of this school mug up the audience at every event of the school in the form of tune of music through their acquired musician education. All age groups of the music club regularly do the practice. This trend will continue in the new Bangla campus of Ananda Multimedia School.


Sport causes the physical and human development of children. In addition to that need, children enjoying education as well as encourages the entertainment Ananda Multimedia school to participate in sports. Arrangements have been made for children under age and age. Students take part in various national and foreign events, such as cricket, badminton, carom, football, and competition. The year ends with the annual awards distribution in February after the month-long event every year.

 Study Tour:


Outside the student’s textbook, a study tour is another medium of learning. The academic program is very important for students of Ananda Multimedia School to get practical knowledge for 1-2 days with the outside environment.

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