Others facilities

Residential systems/ Residential arrangement:

Ananda Multimedia School has residential accommodation for students from far away. Bed, reading tables and accessories are decorated in each room. Arranging each room in a teaching-oriented/educative environment. There are adequate manpower employed in the field of intensive care as a family home.

Transport System

Gauripur Bazar of Daudkandi upazila is considered as the heart centre of this area. Although communication is the river and the road, most of the communication is on the road. Considering the convenience of traveling to distant students, there is their own transport system. Increase the number of transport numbers needed.

Security system:

In the interest of the safety of students and institutions, there is a constant security guard in the main gate of the school. Besides, all the activities are being monitored through the CC cameras in and around the school so that they can be safe from any danger.

Canteen system:

In the pleasant environment, the canteen system is only available for students with healthy tasty food. In addition to the canteen, the market value of the necessary educational material is provided to the students.

Safe water system:

Water is another name for life. But it should be water, drinkable. Our drinking water is a huge problem because water from various sources is polluted. There is 1% drinking water in the world, and the remaining 99% is inefficient. Most of the diseases caused by human body are water. Keeping this in mind, there is a 4-layer refined water system inside the building.

Health care:

Healthcare is one of the basic needs of people. Under the supervision of a doctor, the students have primary medical care. With the help of primary care, there is a guarantee of healthcare as well as with the help of parents.

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