Our facilities

School Schedule:

The school maintains a standard time schedule for its schooling activities. The schooling schedule is 8:45am-4:00 pm from Monday to Saturday including half time school on Friday. The following activities are a regular practice of the school.

School location:

The school premise is a good located area having road connectivity to the other important places. To maintain proper education and relevant facilities the school authority has designed schooling schedule in terms of best practices of time and resources instead of double shifting

Day Care:

We provide extra care to students after schooling session. It is mandatory to all to make lessons easier to understand and develop to their capacity. In this session, the teachers are involved to check students’ gap and uplift their capacity on daily basis.

After School Care:

It is a night time session prioritized for residential students only. In this context, teachers from different disciplines are engaged to help students their lesson learning effectively during this session. The duration of this session is 2:00-2:30 hours, vary on seasons.

 Computer Lab:

Computer Lab

A well-equipped computer lab is established in the ground floor of the academic building. The fully furnished computer lab is designed with separate desktop for individual student with a support system to cover all necessary activities to be performed. In addition, there is a display board for hardware studies. Therefore, the magnificent computer lab attracts learners to take lessons and perform smoothly.

 Science Lab:

science lab

To facilitate learners to be skilled in life, innovation in science and other related media is necessary. In this context, science lab has been established in accordance with the current needs and curriculum of the NCTB.



‘Library is the avenue of gathering knowledge’. To support this proverb we develop a library system with different books and journals relevant to current activities of this school. In addition, establishment of a digital library is under process to facilitate students for access in library through electronic system.



Transport facilities are available during schooling hour. Two types of vehicles have been introduced to support students’ daily activities. We provide vehicles across different routes to ease the students’ movement on right time.

 Sale Center:


To support students timely the authority provides necessary material such as exercise books, pencil, pen, geometry box, diary, syllabus, semester-wise answer sheets, tie, shoulder, cap, shoes, etc to buy within the school boundary.


The school organizes indoor and outdoor games throughout the year on the national and international events. Moreover, final events of some traditional games also in practice at school premises and finally distribute prizes to the winners.


The cafeteria is located at central portion of the school boundary which serves fast-food, hot and cool meals as well as drinks.