How Ananda Multimedia School & College makes students


The school is a beacon of knowledge for the student. The student is the lamp of that lighthouse. The way the teacher lights the lamp from that lighthouse, that lamp will continue to burn forever.


Ananda Multimedia School & College is committed to making students in the light of the following content


Curriculum Evaluation: Education is the main driving force of the nation’s development. With that in mind, in order to develop the student as a real person, students are made by determining age-based classes, formulating curriculum and lesson plans, teaching and evaluating internal and external examinations.

Developing creativity: Today’s student will be the future of the nation. To that end, students are created with the mentality of making life colorful by sowing the seeds of creativity in the minds of the students.

In the dream-nurturing mentality: People usually live with dreams. Children have to dream since childhood. As a result, students are overwhelmed with the thought of doing something new and changing as they progress in learning. Life turns red in the hope of ‘doing something new’. Only they can give prosperity to the society and the country.

Overwhelming mentality in career: Where career will be depends on the academic life of the student. That is why in education the students have to dream or show the student; As a result, the student moves forward in the hope of doing something new by making a proper assessment of the academic life.

Inspired by social responsibility: Today’s student is tomorrow’s socialist. They will one day run the society. By sowing the seeds of justice in their minds, students are formed with the intention of protesting against injustice, establishing a just society and building a pioneering society with mutual harmony with people of all walks of life.

In the spirit of patriotism: today’s students are the future leaders of the nation. Taking that issue seriously, the students are made to inculcate patriotism by nurturing. the history and tradition of the country in the minds of the students.

In the service mentality of humanity: Today’s student will be the future servant of the nation. Service is the absolute religion of man. This eternal truth must be learned from the student’s school. Every year the students of Ananda Multimedia School engage themselves in the service of humanity in any natural calamity.

Belief in the creation of religious values: Religion teaches people how to find the right path in life. Without religion, there can be no peace and order in human life. Students are created in the belief of creating religious values among the students according to the year-long religious program outside the respective religious curriculum.

Everyone is in the mindset of all: no man in this world is self-sufficient. People at every level of the country have to depend on each other for their livelihood. So students are made in the mentality that no one in the world is small, that we are all in the next generation

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